Jeanette Bayoumi is a co-founder and Vice President at Consult Catalina.

Jeanette comes from a Lebanese and Egyptian background, and she is a graduate from the Washington College of Law at American University.   Her experience and background have cultivated a passion for Middle Eastern and North African affairs and a desire to understand the cultural intersections between nationality, religion, gender and legal systems. She is fluent in Arabic and French.

Previously, Jeanette worked with various institutions and law firms including the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and the World Bank where she was exposed to the worlds of international investment and development.   Jeanette has international work experience in the Middle East where she served as a law clerk at ELIG, Attorneys at Law, in Istanbul, Turkey tackling comparisons between the European Union and the United States on international competition law.  Her knowledge of international law combined with her extensive exposure and travel in the Middle East have allowed her to fully gain a comprehensive understanding of the politics, social issues, and landscape of that region. 

Jeanette also served as a student attorney at the Women and the Law Clinic at the Washington College of law providing pro bono legal services to D.C.’s diverse community.  Her work focused on how clients’ gender, race, nationality, and economic status interact with the United States legal system.  The course of her work with the Women and the Law clinic revolved around representing clients in international immigration cases and wills and estates planning.

Jeanette completed her undergraduate degree at Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Science in International Politics: International Law, Norms & Institutions and a Certificate in Arab Studies.  

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